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Cape-Town, the tourist capital in South Africa.

Cape Town or iKapa, is one of the major tourist attractions in Africa, next to Victoria Falls and Kruger National Park. With a historical past that still lives and influences a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Architectural, Cape Town is a mix of old Victorian colonial style and contemporary skyscraper. The people in town are also a mix of colour, ethnicity and international visitors. The ethnic diversity is a source of inspiration for the restaurants in town. And they proudly offer visitor a great selection of cuisine, with some of the best wines in the world. Cape Town with its many wine districts at the door steps makes this place truly international. Many visitors to Cape Town rents a car and moves around in the province, exploring the monumental landscape, with high mountains and well organised wine estates or farms. Golf courses are available all over, and the guesthouses and the B&B are plentiful and available at reasonable in rates.

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